How to Order

    1. Click ' Online Order ' and make your selection.

    2. Click on 'OK that's all' to check out

    3. Please 'log in' if you are our existing customer,

                   or 'register' your delivery address if you order first time. 

                                          *You do not need to do it again if you are our existing customer. 
                                          *You can leave it if you order online and collect food every time. 

    4. Please choose your way, Collection or Delivery? and How you want to pay?

                    Collection-Pay the oriental-Swindon
                    Collection-Pay Online
                    Delivery-Pay the Client's Door
                    Delivery-Pay Online

    5. Confirmation: Double check your order, then click 'Submit' to confirm.

    6. Finish your order:

                                           * Job done if you pay at your door or at Oriental Swindon shop. 
                                           * Pay over the Internet, 2 option for you: 

                              A:  Pay with my PayPal account

                              B:  Pay with my Debit or Credit card 


                              We are highly recommended you pay card at our shop or pay cash

                              at your door. At here at Oriental-Swindon Express, we always

                              prefer the reliable solution for our customers.

                      ( If you pay online, you will be charged a 5% fee for transaction if refunds.)   


Note: We are support Window I.E, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox.


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